How equipped are you for an emergency?

We are the first responders to emergencies in Nigeria. Our highly committed volunteers are community-based and well-trained in First Aid. We are blessed with skilled and experienced trainers, in the FCT and the 36 states of the Federation; to educate and equip staff of public service and corporate organizations and improve public health and enhance First Aid readiness.

You too can join us and become a First responder and a Life saver!

Emergency First Aid Team (EFAT)

Our Detachments/Units near you can be contacted to join the team of Emergency First Aiders, who are available in case of any emergency. Learn more

Commercial First Aid Training 

Our training programmes are designed to help prevent accidents and manage emergencies that may occur in the workplace. We provide trainees with hands-on training, and guidance through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, casualty simulations, and audio-visual aids. Learn more


If you require any assistance, please contact any of our branches nationwide.

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