Partner with us

The Nigerian Red Cross Society is Nigeria’s largest humanitarian organization and one that is in a constant state of expansion and regeneration.

We are Nigeria’s First Responder in emergencies. When there is an emergency, especially in remote areas, we are the first to arrive at the scene and often the last to leave. However, our search and rescue activities are sometimes hampered by an inadequacy of resources to reach the most remote places.

This is where we would like you to come in. The NRCS is open and willing to partner with like-minded organizations who may wish to identify with it. As an organization operating in Nigeria, we can help you fulfil your corporate social responsibilities. Please consider supporting the NRCS projects listed below:

  • Diphtheria effort
  • Healthcare in Danger
  • Community Health
  • Natural Disaster Fund

These are some of our previous and current partners.

  2. NCDC
  3. IFRC
  4. ICRC
  5. Bolton White Hotel
  7. AFCDC
  8. Mastercard Foundation

Would you like to join this list? Send us an email at or call M: +2348023597255

Red Cross volunteers register an ex-soldier for Cash Voucher Assistance during the Hunger Crisis-January 2022