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We are the leading provider of First Aid services in Nigeria.

Access to First Aid and a safer work environment are guaranteed in case of an emergency.

Our Offerings

We offer First Aid services to individuals, homes, associations/groups, privately owned businesses, public service and corporate organizations. They include First Aid Training, Kitting, and Restocking.

First Aid Training

The NRCS First Aid training programmes help organizations to be better in management and their operations. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Enhanced Employee Safety and Well-being
  • Improved Emergency Preparedness
  • Increased Employee Morale and Engagement
  • Reduced Organizational Costs and Liabilities
  • Strengthened Public Image
Ambulance Coverage

Our clients receive ambulance coverage by deploying our ambulance and first aiders to incident scenes in case of an emergency.

Sales of First Aid Kits

The NRCS offers First Aid Kitting and Restocking services. We will help inspect your First Aid kits and replace expired, and misplaced items at your convenience and a minimal cost.

Commercial First Aid Training
Workplace First Aid training for staff of Embassy of Sweden Abuja
  • Our First Aid programmes are designed to help prevent accidents and manage emergencies that may occur at workplaces.
  • We collaborate with organizations to educate their staff and build their skills on First Aid.
  • We provide our trainees with hands-on training and guidance, through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and casualty simulations.

NRCS First Aid Training Programmes

The NRCS offers First Aid programmes which are developed for professionals, non-professionals, and workplaces. The training content is customized to conform to regular work settings, and encompasses potential accidents and emergencies that may occur in the workplace. Below are our programmes:

  1. Basic Life Support (BLS): The BLS is developed for low, medium and high-risk work environments. It covers the principles of DRABC, cardiac disorders comprising unconscious breathing, casualty non-breathing, recovery and stress management.
  2. Workplace First Aid (WFA): The WFA is developed for low, medium and high-risk work environments; to address workplace hazards, accidents or casualty requirements within the workplace.  
  3. Caregiver First Aid (CFA): The CFA is developed for professional caregivers, geriatric care managers, nursing assistants, and nannies who take care of children, the elderly, people living with disability and the sick. Caregivers are educated on the principles of Caregiving in First Aid. 
  4. Designated First Aid (DFA): The DFA is recommended for high-risk environments, offshore organizations in the mining, telecommunications, maritime, exploration, engineering & construction sectors to address workplace hazards.

* Please not that for each programme, team members are identified and trained to be first responders in the event of an emergency.

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Ambulance Coverage 

Our ambulances are stationed at the client-locations on request, to enhance emergency response capabilities in case of an emergency.

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