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Our volunteer base is the most extensive in Nigeria. Our team of skilled, experienced and well-trained community volunteers contribute to the development of emergency programs that benefit their local areas and help alleviate human suffering.

Volunteering with the NRCS is possible until you voluntarily take part in our humanitarian efforts. Become a member and receive updates on the Red Cross movement while also being able to volunteer at any time.

Procedures to become a member/ volunteer

  1. Register online on the NRCS Volunteer database.
  2. Visit any of our offices closest to you to complete your registration. You can click here to select your state of choice and view our contact details.


  • Ensure you fill out the volunteer activity report form each time you volunteer so that your records are captured in the database and you can log in to view your records. 
  • If your activity records are not captured, follow up with the branch office to effect this.
  • You are issued a volunteering certificate by the branch. It shows the records of your volunteering activities with the NRCS.

NRCS Volunteer Database

All our members/ volunteers are registered on the NRCS database, and can track records of their activities. Registering on the volunteer database also gives you the opportunity to receive a volunteering certificate from us, showcasing your volunteering success.

If you have challenges registering with the NRCS Volunteer Database, please call.

Why do I need to be a member/volunteer?
Service to Humanity
General benefits